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StatSensor Creatinine Meter
ElectraSoft's StatSensor Creatinine Meter
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ACIST Nova StatSensor Creatinine Meter

ACIST Nova StatSensor Creatinine Meter

These units are revamped for home, lab, vet, clinic use, etc.
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[Q] If Nova is selling a new StatSensor Creatinine Meter for more than $5000.00, why so cheap here?

[A] Buy from Nova you get a meter, docking station, strips, solutions, remote NovaNet Installation, battery, power supply, manual, 5 years warranty.

Buy from me you get a StatSensor meter that was previously used in a hospital and has been revamped for home or clinic use, new power supply, manual, 1 year tech-support. Keep in mind that with each test you use a new test strip. So it is like having a new meter for each test, in that the part that receive the most wear is the test strip.
Click to Enlarge this Image... StatSensor Slash Screen.

Click to Enlarge this Image... StatSensor ready to incert test strip.
Click to Enlarge this Image... StatSensor test results completed.
Click to Enlarge this Image... Back of StatSensor, power supply, Operator ID card.

[Nova partners with several companies. Each of these companies market the Nova StatSensor Creatinine Meter under their name. IE: ACIST sells under the name of ACIST StatSensor Creatinine Meter. EZ Chem sells it under the name of EZ EM StatSensor Creatinine Meter. Etc. A must have if you have kidney problems.


Test Creatinine and eGFR just like a diabetic tests glucose blood sugar.

ACIST Nova StatSensor Creatinine Meter.

Single-Use Creatinine Biosensor Test Strip.

Virtually Painless Finger Stick Capillary Blood Sample,1.2 Fast, 30 Second Analysis.

Wide Measurement Range 27-1050 (0.3-12 mg/dL).

Calculated eGFR and Creatinine Clearance.

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