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Silent Mail AddOn
ElectraSoft's Silent Mail AddOn 32bit for Email Broadcaster
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ElectraSoft's Silent Mail Broadcaster is an add-on module that works with ElectraSoft's 32bit Email Broadcaster.

Send email silently, staying on everyones whitelist, using [ElectraSoft Silent Mail] Broadcaster...

If you do email broadcasting you need [ElectraSoft Silent Mail AddOn].

Why Do You Need [ElectraSoft Silent Mail AddOn]?

[ElectraSoft Silent Mail AddOn] will keep you out of trouble with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) by sending email broadcasts directly from your domain to places like on aol, yahoo, gmail, etc. That's right, your connecting ISP is no longer involve in your email broadcasting. The only message header is from your domain. If you do not have a suitable UNIX domain (web site) host, we can host one for you.

You will need to have your own UNIX based domain, or rent a domain or remote server from ElectraSoft. ElectraSoft remote servers start at $100.00 per month.

For instruction regarding your USER-PASS: After paying, from PayPal click the return to ElectraSoft link.

ElectraSoft will then send you a permanent USER-PASS later.

Note that Gmail and many other email-servers will put your USER-PASS in your Spam-Folder. When they do, while reading the message, click the [Not Spam] button. All future messages from ElectraSoft will go into your InBox.

ElectraSoft Silent Mail AddOn

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